Jun 18

Save battery by auto disabling wifi

A while ago reviewed an app called Llama, which I mainly reviewed for the purpose of changing profiles such as switching a phone to silent when you get to work. Another great feature is the ability to adjust other setting based on location. Things such as leaving wifi on can drain your battery quick, with Llama you can set things like  wifi to turn on when you get home or only when phone is charging. So if you didn’t already download it for the profile reason, here’s another reason to download Llama

Jun 04

ClipSync – copy paste from desktop to android

ClipSync lets you share your clipboard between an android and your computer, basically you can copy paste from your android to your desktop and visa versa. It’s pretty simple first you need to install the desktop software here and then the android software here. You make sure the server side software is running on your computer and that your phone and computer are on same network, then run the software on phone and it will find computer. Once setup its automatic, just hit copy on your phone or computer and paste on the other device. I used to copy then paste to email, email it to myself and then copy paste again, this saves so much time.

Apr 12

Alarm Clock Plus

As you know by know my favorite part of Android over iPhone is the ability to replace system apps. A while ago I reviewed Alarm Clock Xtreme, and recently for some reason it has been given me problems. I decided to try a different alarm and my search got me Alarm Clock Plus. It has many of the same features such as deciding if you want auto snooze and shutoff. Also has a feature to decide if each alarm should be based on system volume or independent. I find this convenient as my morning alarm I always want beeping but I have some in the afternoon that I don’t want sounding if I’m in a meeting. So check it out and let me know which you prefer.
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Apr 05

SwiftKey Flow

A while ago I reviewed a great keybaord app, SwiftKey. I was torn between the predictability of Swiftkey, which learns your style and dictionary but its ability to read your texts, email and even facebook, and Swype which allows you to type by swyping your finger. Swiftkey just took the lead but adding a new feature called SwiftKey Flow which gives you Swype features. So check out my new favorite keybaord at http://www.swiftkey.net.swiftkey

Feb 26

Lookout – security and lost phone finder

Lookout is a great all in one security app, it provides Android with a lot of the features iPhones have through iCloud primarily mobile wipe and find lost phone. There are two versions of this app the free and paid. The free version offers antiviurs, backup and tools for missing device. Missing device tools includes gps tracking, remote wipe and making the device scream or ring really loud which is great for finding the phone when it falls under the couch. The app can be downloaded here


Feb 20

Bump – send files from Android phone to computer and visa versa

Very often I want to quickly send a file from my computer to my phone or from my phone to computer. There are ways to do this by using usb cable, bluetooth or email. Sometimes you just want to quickly send a small file without the hassle of the mentioned methods, that’s where bump comes in. It allows you to send files back and forth between the computer and your phone just by hitting your spacebar with your phone. It’s really simple, almost didn’t believe it. But so fart it works great, so check it out. This is a must have for anyone. And of course it lets you share files between two phones by bumping. Check out their website or find the app at Google Play.

Jan 21


This is one of the many keyboard available for the Android. Most new Androids are coming with a version of the Swype keyboard. For those who want an alternative check out SwiftKey. It is a new way of predictive text, basically you start typing a word and it finished it for you. Instead of guessing the word based on the current word you are typing, like old dumb could do, it recognizes common phrases you type. With this method it usually guessing the complete word one you start typing one, sometimes even no characters.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey

Jan 21

Tunein Radio

Tunein radio is a pretty simple easy to use app that allows you to listen to radio stations from all over. The interface is pretty straight forward and you can browse by station type or by location. Great way to listen to your favorite stations no matter where you are. It sometimes works for sports but some games seem to be blacked out.



Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tunein.player&hl=en


Jan 20

Unified Remote

The app is really great if you watch movies on your TV through your computer. This app connects to your computer wirelessly via bluetooth or wifi network and acts as a remote allowing the user to control their computer by your phone. It has several different remotes to control different function, my favorite is the media remote but also can control keyboard, mouse and files. I think the best feature is the media remote. I strongly recommend this app for anyone who has their computer plugged into a TV. Instead of paying for a usb remote you can get this app for free and use your phone and the setup is really easy just install the desktop software in addition to the app.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Relmtech.Remote&hl=en

Jan 10


So the Fitocracy is new to the Android but has been on the iPhone for a bit. It’s an interesting app the integrates social networking and working out. The basic idea is that it gives you workout to do and then gets rewards which you can brag about. This is motivation but definitely built on the honor system and we know no one would ever lie on Facebook. While it’s an interesting idea I really don’t like it as a pure working out app. Continue reading